Chewy sells to Petsmart

Due to the recent buyout of Chewy by big box retailer Petsmart, many of our favorite premium brands have decided to end their business relationship with selling online on Chewy, including: Fromm, Orijen, Acana & more Corporations like Chewy and Petsmart have continued to make it extremely difficult for stores like us to keep our doors open, so we applaud these brands for making the decision to continue to build their relationships with independent stores like Barkstown Road. Stores like us lay the foundation of introducing brands like these to customers and build brand recognition, so we are happy these brands recognize the importance of the independent retailer. We know many people will be looking for a new place to get these brands, and we hope that Barkstown Road will be considered while doing so. When you shop with us, you're supporting a truly local store, not a big box or a franchise, but a store that is unique only to Louisville - you won't find us in any other cities all across the country. You're helping provide a paycheck for 7 Louisvillians, while also contributing money into your local economy, which helps keep roads paved, public school teachers paid, libraries open and more. Small businesses like us pay a lot of local taxes, unlike online retailers. Our staff is knowledgeable and always willing to help answer any questions. We offer a buy 12, get 1 free on many of our brands, along with a rewards punch card for any purchase. And because we know that part of online shopping is the convenience of doing so, we will be introducing an online ordering system and local delivery service in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info and the launch of this service! Thank you for continuing to trust and shop with us. It means so much to us and literally is keeping our doors open!


Barkstown Road featured on Perspectives Podcast

The Perspectives podcast, hosted by Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty, explores all the unique and trending businesses that make Louisville, Kentucky such a special place to live. Barkstown Road owner and founder Kim Reece was recently on the show to talk about our two locations and why our customers choose to shop here, rather than a big box pet retailer.

The Barkstown Road location in The Highlands will be celebrating its five-year anniversary this March. We used to be down near Yang Kee Noodle and Homemade Pie and Ice Cream, but we’ve since moved to a more retail-oriented section on 2005 Bonnycastle, around the corner from Doo Wop Shop and Leatherhead. Our second location on Frankfort Road in Clifton opened a year ago. Both stores are located in walkable communities where people take great pride in supporting local businesses and treat their critters as their children.

Why Shop at Barkstown Road Pet Boutiques?

  • The Highlands is a “shopping destination”, so stop by while you’re spending the day enjoying all the area has to offer.
  • Barkstown Road is a small boutique, locally owned and operated, featuring more specialty items than big box retailers.
  • We have durable dog toys, catnip toys, dental chews, freeze-dried treats, and a large supply of biologically sound food.
  • Feel free to bring your pet along with you to shop. We love getting to know our critter customers!
  • Kim Reece says: “You can pick up things for your dog to gnaw on and keep them happy and busy and keep their teeth clean.”
  • Our Clifton store is conveniently located in the same building as a holistic veterinarian.

Raw, Frozen Foods Are Our Hottest Sellers!

“One of my favorite things we carry is more biologically appropriate foods -- whether it's a dry food, a dehydrated food, or a frozen raw food,” Reece explains. “Dogs and cats both still have components in their bodies that allow them to break down raw meat. They have enzymes in their saliva to help break down raw meat. Their stomachs are more acidic than ours. Their digestive tracts are shorter. Biologically, they're still made to break down raw meat.” We carry two lines of commercially-prepared, frozen, raw foods made without preservatives or fillers that make it easier to fuel your pet with maximum nutrition. You’ll also find an array of grain-free, low-carb, meaty dry kibbles, which is a convenient food source.

You’ll notice that the animals coming into Barkstown Road often have shiny coats, good teeth, healthy weights, and happy dispositions. Some of the dogs we know are being treated for cancer. A year ago, they were given “two months to live”, but after a switch to raw foods, they’re thriving a year later. You would never know they’re fighting disease. Our store associates are not vets by trade, but the research we’ve done and the experiences of our customers are compelling.

Stop by and see us at 2005 Bonnycastle in The Highlands or 2005 Frankfort Avenue in Clifton. You can also connect with us online at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and www.barkstownroad.comTake a listen to the full podcast episode and let us know what you think!

The Perspectives Podcast series is hosted by Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty where host Greg Fleischaker takes a look at the culture of Louisville and what makes the city so interesting and full of possibilities. More episodes like this one, or in-depth looks at local neighborhoods such as The Highlands, St. Matthews or Anchorage Ky, can be found at their website at www.lenihansothebysrealty.com.


Barkstown Road at Frankfur Ave.’s Anniversary Blowout Sale!

To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of our Frankfort Ave. location, we are having a one day blowout sale!!! Mark your calendars - you don't want to miss this!!! Saturday, November 19th 11am-12pm 40% off entire store, 20% off food 12-1pm 30% off entire store, 10% off food 1-2pm 20% off entire store (no food) 2-4pm 15% off entire store (no food) 2005 Frankfort Ave. *taking place at Frankfort Ave. location ONLY!


Barkstown Road Fall Sessions, Part 2: What do Massage & Reiki do for My Dog?

As part of our Barkstown Road Fall Sessions four-part series, Letha Cupp joined us to speak about why massage is healthy for your canine friends and why cats and dogs are attracted to Japanese reiki techniques. Letha Cupp is a RM/T canine massage and animal reiki practitioner and teacher. *recommended for desktop watching: after hitting Play, hover your mouse over the video, then click Full Screen in the bottom right corner [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_adjp934kg[/embed]


Team member feature: Jenny!

Today we are featuring one of our team members, Jenny! She wants to tell you about one of her pooch Jasmine's favorite items available at Barkstown Road: One of Jasmine's favorite things from Barkstown Road is the Answers Goat's Milk! It's full of beneficial probiotics and she thinks it is delicious! It's a great cold treat to give her after a summer walk & even something to add to dinner to give it a little extra umph! Every now and then when she doesn't seem to have an appetite all I have to do is ask her if she wants some milk and her face lights up! She never turns it down so calorie intake isn't often a concern of mine. Not only does she love the goat milk, I rest easy knowing the additional probiotics are keeping her gut healthy, and the natural anti-inflammatory properties in the milk are keeping her joints and bones feeling great! It's available in our stores in 3 sizes: pint, quart, and half gallon! jasmine


Holiday Mini Sessions with No Coast Pets

Check out this link to the downloadable photos for web sharing from our in-store session on Thursday, December 10th! Click here to view!


Convenience Isn’t Always King

Is convenience at the very top of your priority list when it comes to purchasing your dog or cat's food? Surely it's much easier to stroll down the pet aisle of your nearby grocery and toss a bag of kibble into your cart while you're already there buying food for yourself. But is this really what's best for your dog or cat and their well-being? Let's talk about why convenience isn't always king in this case... I want to start out telling you that I would never buy anything for my dogs and cats from the pet aisle at the grocery store. I know, I know – of course I'd say that, right? I own a boutique that sells items for dogs and cats! While that is a valid argument, the reason lies much deeper than that. Mostly everything you're going to find in your grocery store aisle is coming from a large corporation, like Purina or Friskies, both of which are owned by Nestle. Nestle not only makes Purina and Friskies, but it also owns 2,000 other brands, including but not limited to Cheerios, Deer Park bottled water, Ovaltine, Dreyer's ice cream, Gerber, and Lean Cuisine. With their hands in so many other varying pots, how are they supposed to fully commit themselves to making the best foods possible for your dog and cat? Unfortunately, they don't. Instead they pump their money into marketing so that when you flip on the TV, you see bright colors, funny memes and happy pets in correlation to their foods. But surely they have to include in their foods what they say on the commercials and aren't allowed to use bad ingredients, right? Well, unfortunately again, that isn't the case. Dog and cat foods in America are regulated by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). According to PetMD, they are a voluntary membership association that establishes and defines feeding guidelines and labeling regulations for the pet feed industry. PetMD gives the example that AAFCO requires only a minimum of 18% protein in an adult dog food for it to be considered “complete and balanced,” but dogs actually tend to do better with a protein level closer to 25%. PetMD also mentions that AAFCO has no regulatory authority. In fact, according to Dogs Naturally Magazine, AAFCO is in part comprised of representatives from major feed manufacturers, including Nestle Purina (and others like Hills Science Diet and Nutro Products). Wow, if that isn't the wolf watching the hen house, then I don't know what is! A $12 billion henhouse, to be more exact. Now, let's go back to that 18% protein figure that AAFCO requires. Dogs Naturally Magazine explains that the minimum requirement used to be 22%, until the pet food manufacturers who board AAFCO found “new scientific research” in 1995, which allowed them to lower it to 18%. Dogs Naturally Magazine also mentions that it's important to note that protein is the most expensive ingredient on a pet food label. To off-set these expenses, AAFCO allows the use of by-products and “4-D” meats (dead, diseased, decaying or disabled) in pet foods. Low quality proteins, including ones derived from dead or diseased animals, can take quite a toll on your fur baby's body, including being extremely taxing on their kidneys. Add this in with other poor quality ingredients, like corn and wheat, we're talking lowered immune systems, over-worked kidneys, irregular bowel movements and itchy skin, just to name a few. While you may not see all of theses symptoms right away, these issues are taking a quiet toll on your pet's body. It could be up to 8 years before you really start to see symptoms of the major damage that's being done, and by then we're usually talking about a full-blown health issue. The moral of our story here to is to be mindful of the products you purchase for your dogs and cats, especially ones that they consume. Our recommendation is to always do your homework and not rely on what commercials or colorful bags tell you. Flip the bag over and read the ingredient list. Wheat, soy and corn are always “no-nos” in our book, along with unnamed animal protein (you want to see something like “chicken meal” and not “fowel meal”). While avoiding the grocery store aisle altogether is a great place to start, it isn't fool-proof. Some of the higher end products not offered in groceries have secretly (as in they don't go out of their way to make it known to the public and their consumers) sold to larger corporations, like Eukanuba who is now owned and produced by Proctor & Gamble, along with Zuke's treats who is now owned and produced by Purina. Our favorite foods are from smaller (and lesser known) companies, like Fromm, Nature's Logic, Answers. For more information on nutrition and recommendations of a diet that helps your fur baby thrive (not just survive!), visit us online at www.BarkstownRoad.com or stop in to see us at 2005 Bonnycastle Ave. in The Highlands. Check back here soon for more blog posts! -Kim Boyle Owner of Barkstown Road